Why this blog

Welcome to Waging Wisdom, an open, safe, and distraction-free place for thinking, writing, and commenting about wisdom and contemporary life. Feel free to join the conversation occasionally, or just follow along quietly to see what develops.

wisdom traditionLaunched in January 2014, this blog is something of an experiment to offer practical wisdom-based ideas as a viable resource for advancing projects and ambitions in which human diversity is normative, cooperation is essential, and human flourishing is desired – but is often missing. That covers a lot of ground, of course, from family life to foreign policy. Over time, Lord willing, this blog will deal with many crucial contemporary issues.

Meantime, the current focus is mainly on improving U.S. – Middle East relations and Christian – Muslim – Jewish relations by relying on the agency of wisdom. Christian – Muslim and U. S. – Middle East relations (the domestic and the international arenas) have influences on each other. That synergy either pulls us together for our mutual good or pits us against one another in damaged, disordered, or broken relations. Because the posts on this blog emphasize a wisdom-based way of seeing, it is hoped that they offer a wiser way ahead than popular typical views may offer.

Our world today seems to have lost touch with the potential of wisdom to provide diverse cultures with an agency for building cooperation and peace, if not flourishing, in their relations with one another. If you want to know what is often missing in those relations, it is wisdom. In place of wisdom we tend to rely on rigid adherence to political and religious ideologies, leading to adversarial relations, sectarian violence, or war.

Most people don’t want this but they are not sure how it can be changed for the better. Reliance on wisdom is therefore vital. Here’s why.

Wisdom does not try to make as wide as possible the gulf of dissimilarities between human beings or diverse cultures. Instead, wisdom’s way of thinking seeks to bring diverse peoples cooperatively and peaceable together, reasonably and responsibly, to build on the core interests and concerns that are held by all peoples everywhere.

The posts on this blog seek explain and explore that potential in many and diverse ways.

Thank you for stopping by.

Here is the first post on this blog, which gets the conversation going.

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