Special Announcement – The John Peck Website

John Peck holding a tiny BibleI am very pleased to announce that a website has been launched to carry the sermons and other talks of late Revd John Peck, British theologian, philosopher, and so much more. Revd Peck was an extraordinary person, family man, preacher, teacher, and mentor to many. To see why people say this, check out this memorial to him.

John and I were close for 30 years. He was my mentor for many of those years, and we collaborated on a number of projects, including co-authoring a book. His sermons and other talks are real gems. You won’t get a rehash of what you already know. So I highly recommend this new site. Have a look-see for yourself, and a listen. I would love to hear your impression of it, and of John.

If you have never heard of Revd Peck, you can get a quick taste by reading his compelling his vision for a vibrant church. Or a bigger drink from this exclusive interview from 1998.

To visit the new site for his sermons and talks.

Thank you.

Photo of John holding a tiny Bible courtesy of Peck estate.

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