The Revd John Peck (1924-2016)

John Peck smilingThis is just a short personal note from me to readers of this blog to express my appreciation for everyone’s notes, good wishes, and prayers after hearing news of the death of John Peck, a dear friend and mentor. On July 5, in memory of John, I posted his “I Have a Vision” statement for the church, written nearly 40 years ago, but timeless in essence. We have been astounded at the large number who have read it, liked it, and shared it. Just today, when I thought the sharing had ended, I saw another blogger who had picked it up. Cool.

For those who would like a glimpse behind the scenes at what made John Peck a remarkably admired and sought-after Christian leader and thinker in the UK, and in parts of the US and Europe, the official obituary has captured that. If you would like a taste of his wisdom on a wide range of issues, within and outside church walls, check out this interview with John.

I am also very glad to be able to say that the project to put John’s sermons and other talks on the Web for a new generation should soon be completed. Stay tuned.

That website is now up and running. Here it is.

“If you belong to Christ, then his history has changed what you are.” John Peck, British theologian

©2016 by Charles Strohmer

Photo courtesy of Ann Horn (check out her photographs).

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