Prophetic Wisdom?

From 40 years ago:

“Without the self-restraint derived from a common moral ideal, a nation becomes ungovernable except by tyranny. Unless our nation has a spiritual awakening soon, we will probably have little freedom at all to debate Christian attitudes. The trouble is, there isn’t that much time. Revival doesn’t guarantee results that fulfil all its possibilities. An expanding church might still fuss about a few obvious moral problems in society but be unable to relate its faith to the basic problems. Indeed, it might not even be able to handle its own problems. If God’s people propagate a Christian faith without proliferating a Christian mind—a Christian philosophy of life, or way of looking at the world – then there may follow a vengeful reaction from a society deprived of truly Christian insight into its problems; a society driven by spiritual ignorance into despair, despotism, and persecution.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about those words lately. They are from the late John Peck, Christian theologian and philosopher, writing in 1978 about his country, England. Quoted in: Uncommon Sense; God’s Wisdom for Our Complex and Changing World, John Peck & Charles Strohmer; The Wise Press, 2000; SPCK, 2001; p 10.

The book was written to both English and American Christians. We included those words in Uncommon Sense because as we were writing the book (it took 4+ years) we felt their relevance also to America. The book is not a polemic. It actually offers a way ahead. Just saying.

©2018 by Charles Strohmer

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6 thoughts on “Prophetic Wisdom?

    • Very well said, Alexandru. You have aptly described my memory of John Peck. He had special gifts from God, which he exercised humbly and with grace. We all do miss him dearly. And, yes, these words of his certainly ring true for more than America and England. Keep fighting the good fight of faith in your land. Miss seeing you.

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  1. Thank you Charles. I think there is an essential insight in this for us as believers in today’s culture.
    May I borrow the quote? I’m planning a talk on ‘developing a Christian worldview’ for a local church…it’s a great quote and I want to buy the book! #justsaying


    • Jane, it’s been a while. Good to hear from you. Glad to know of your deeper interest in John’s words. “Essential insight” — too right! Thank you for asking permission to use the quote in your class. Sure, go for it. And some day you can let me know how that went with your church. Stay the course. Your labor is not in vain.

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