“Christmas Carols & Songs”

d-clifton-christmas-albumI’ve never done this before on this blog and may never do it again, but I want to call your attention to some truly superb Christmas music and say, “Buy this album!” My wife and I were recently given it as a gift, and after we heard it we immediately moved it to #1 on our list of Christmas albums.

“Christmas Carols and Songs,” produced and arranged by David Clifton and Mark Russell, with the acclaimed choirs of Peterborough Cathedral, a full band, and the London Telefilmonic Orchestra. The full details of this special album, its history, and how to get hold of the album are available at Little Room Recordings.

You will find your own favorite carol or song on the album. Just to say that mine is the slightly jazzed up arrangement of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” I also got a lot out of the well-researched booklet that accompanies the CD to give a brief history of the origin of each carol.

Link to iTunes download, name your price download, and CD mail order purchase: http://www.littleroom.com/artists/ikos/

Enjoy it for years to come. And Merry Christmas.

©2016 by Charles Strohmer

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