Predicting the U.S. Presidential Debates

It has been said that only novelists know the future. Even so, I don’t think it’s much of a risk for us to to predict what the debates between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton devolve into. The first of the three scheduled debates begins in a few days, on Monday evening, September 26. For one thing, they will be anything but presidential. Instead, they will be…, well, why wait for Monday? Here’s a sneak peek from the never predictable John Cleese and Michael Palin. This short video from a 1972 Month Python skit tells us what the debates will be like.

A segment from Monty Python’s “Argument Clinic.” Standard YouTube license.

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2 thoughts on “Predicting the U.S. Presidential Debates

  1. Its a promising encounter if Cleese and Palin (no…not that Palin!) are anything to go by – incidentally have you come across these two British comedians? Bird and Fortune – Iraq Comedy. John Fortune interviews a British army general about preparations for the war in Iraq. Or Iraqi Oil — Bird and Fortune (2007) A satirical look at the current oil situation in Iraq. You will hear more about the ‘oil factor’ in this sketch than any news programme.


    • Thx for stopping by the neighborhood, Mike. Sadly, I think Cleese and Palin have nailed it. Hadn’t heard of Bird & Fortune. Thx. I checked it out and also found one of theirs on Youtube from a long time ago — about Europe, and another one — an interview with a diplomat. Pointedly clever chaps.


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