Daffy Duck for President

“Ehh, what’s up, duck?”

A blast from the past for today. About says it all.


In 2004, Warner Bros. released a four-minute animated short of the children’s book Daffy Duck for President. The film was produced by Tony Cervone, Spike Brandt, and Linda M. Steiner. It was considered for a 2005 Academy Award for Best Animated Short.

2 thoughts on “Daffy Duck for President

  1. Thanks Charles for that Daffy Duck film. it’s a great way to teach some important political principles. This is a great blog and helps me a lot in my work as a teacher, evangelist and storyteller. Keep up the great work you are doing!


    • Thx for the kudos, Mark. I ran across the Daffy Duck cartoon a couple months ago. Sometimes, when you’ve cried often enough, you just gotta laugh.

      As I was replying to you here, I got a buzz on an idea about the nature of politics, which I started to write here. But it blossomed into more than a short reply, so I think I’m going to turn it into a new post, the next one hopefully, soon, if I can squeeze it in around a writing deadline I’m on. Stay tuned. Thx for the inspiration.

      Interested readers may want to check out Mark’s blog: http://www.realitybites.org.uk/blog/ and his Thinking Faith Network: http://thinkfaith.net/realitybites


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